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Empowering women to harness their unique biology, through the power of community.

About Us

Women have been falsely indoctrinated with the belief that our emotional intuition and hormonal cycles are a liability relegated to a disclaimer at the end of every biohacking video, article, and IG post. The truth is that ancient civilizations were all matriarchies operating under the laws of the cosmos and governed by well-integrated Divine feminine energy. 

Our mission is to teach every single woman how to leverage her intuition, hormone cycle, and creative genius to tap into that extra 10% that the opposite sex simply can't access. It's not a question of whether or not women can have it all-- the question is will women, as a collective, rise to the challenge and reclaim it all with our innate wisdom and strength?

Why You Should Join Us

As part of joining our community, you’ll receive the following:

- membership to a global network of movers and shakers - doctors, researchers, entrepreneurs and health explorers - wanting to explore more about women's health

- access to the forum to ask questions to the network and get real-time answers

- ability to receive discounts to products that our core team has tried, tested and loves

- discounted access to quarterly webinars with experts on topics you may not be hearing about in your friend circles

- reviews of the things that are different for men vs women

- prompts for upcoming health events in your city (if a chapter has been opened there)

A Big Thanks

We are thrilled you’d like to join our commuunity and contribute to this co-creation.

Our members are vibrant, knowledge seeking, aware, and open minded. We ask the questions ”why” and “how come” to better understand  our bodies and minds because we believe that knowledge is power. We seek to be at our peak performance and health not for fear of getting old, but for the joy of staying vibrant and spreading that energy to our friends, families and communities.

Thanks for joining us and hope to catch you soon on the forum and maybe in person during a workshop in your city.

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